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Night of the Ball Lightnings: A 3D Action Survival Game


You have applied to participate in a very lucrative, but dangerous experiment. You have traveled to the mysterious, newly-built research facility, most of the devices and resources are still unpacked in big boxes around the rooms. The chief scientist put a strange helmet to your head. You have fallen asleep. While you were sleeping, an unidentified object crash-landed near to the entrance of the facility. The scientists managed to seal the door with wooden planks, but the aliens could somehow warp-in the room. They abducted the scientists and patrolling in the rooms wearing a strange electro-magnetic force-field to protect them. Since they only see the brain-waves of humans, they can't see you while your special helmet is on. But don't get close to them, since their suit is highly charged with electrons that can hurt you.   Night of the Ball Lightnings game is about what you see after you woke up...

Features so far

  • Health system and damage system (damage and damage reduction: armor, dodge)
  • Player stat (strength, agility, intelligence) leveling
  • Movable objects (boxes) to increase the survival chance of the player
  • Usable game computer (E.W.S.) to check details of your stats
  • Fast single click interaction with the objects
  • Realistic water, movie-like post effects (two black line and color filtering) and fast volumetric lightning emulation
  • Fast physics calculation

Game Concept

Your helmet transmits the collected health and stat data to the E.W.S. computer and you can check it. You and the enemies can also change the layout of the room by pushing the boxes to different places. You should plan your moves strategically before performing actions, because of the following game-rules:

Game rules

  • Water and food decreases over time, water decreases faster than food.
  • Click on sink to replenish water, but it also slightly decrease stamina.
  • Not enough water decrease health.
  • Click on fridge to replenish food, but it also slightly decrease stamina.
  • Not enough food decrease health.
  • Click on Jacuzzi to restore health to maximum.
  • Click on bed to replenish stamina, but it also slightly decrease intelligence, agility and strength.
  • Click on book to increase intelligence if enough stamina, but it also slightly decrease stamina.
  • Click on weight-bars to increase strength if enough stamina, but it also greatly decrease stamina.
  • Click on bike to increase agility if enough stamina, but it also mildly decrease stamina.
  • More strength slightly increase max. health: you will be capable of absorbing more amount of electric shocks.
  • More intelligence slightly increase armor: you will be able to craft more effective protective suite.
  • More agility slightly increase dodge: you will be able to avoid more amount of electric sparks.

Early Access

Night of the Ball Lightnings game is in active development and will include further features, bugfixes and more levels based on the response comments of the community. Night of the Ball Lightnings game time is currently can be considered as short, but will be longer in the future.


Night of the Ball Lightnings game has a 1 minute playable FREE DEMO version available for download.


Windows 7 PC with a cheap 3D graphics card (the used game engine is lightweight and fast).


Night of the Ball Lightnings game has been developed by: Benko Attila (Author of "The Stars in the Steel Box" sci-fi book).

The music is credited to Rafael Krux (Video Game Blockbuster).

The game engine is credited to Nikolaus Gebhardt / Ambiera (CopperCube 6).


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Night of the Ball Lightnings FREE DEMO.exe 85 MB

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