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can improve for GLES2 drivers?, can´t open the game for that


Hi Luis, GLES2 cannot use particles nodes, the colors are also a bit different than GLES3, no HDR and no advanced rendering features for spatialmaterials, lots of environment features are also missing. See more missing features here:

so at the actual stituation I do not plan to improve for GLES2, but if there will be a good demand from customers for gles2 then yes


If the game has ultra-low quality options (PSX or N64 style) or compatible with PC potatoes, it will be more compatible with all PCs in the world, those who do not have a good computer, since there will be thousands that can play and not only for those who have a PC with good gamma but for the poor who want first-class graphics, like me, I make games with a lot of compatibility with all OS (x32 and x64)

This is just the Godot TPS demo.


No, this is not just the demo.

Altough Godot TPS demo has pretty cool  graphics iself, but  it is just  only a graphical demo of the engine. So there is no backgound story, no player stats and no level finishing goal in the demo.

In the current version of Alien Contact game (v0.1) there is already a backgound story with a nice intro video created by me (you can see the original  video here:

this is a sci-fi fan made video, this was the basis of the game intro video).

Also the player has stats: health plus ammo (also I have created the hud bars for visual of the stats based on godot engine programming tutorials on youtube, there are plenty of tutorials out there) and the programming part: when player dies it will end level and back to tilte screen. Also I have programmed the part when the enemy robots explodes then the player gains more health and ammo.

And finally the level can be now completed when all of the enemy robots are eliminated (this is also not there in the original demo).

So the work has just been started, there are lot of things to be done (e.g. more levels, more types of enemies) and I am also planning a nice customization of your player robot at the beginning of the game (visual and  in attributes too like weapon damage amount and ammo related  parts). I am working on new levels and new items too.

I would like to have some kind of crafting system too, but it needs more time to fit into the level design and also the implementation.

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I don't mean to be rude, you seem like you're just having fun, but I wouldn't really call it original until it has more of your own content.


Sure, no problem here of course, thank you for your comment. My plan is to develop this demo to a full playable game and also as you have noted having some fun while learning the game development :-)


Amazing use of  the godot engine. I would love to see how much more you will create with this. 

Thank you for your comment, more and more new features will be added to this in the future some will be surely based on the community feedbacks.